3,000 Year-old Eyeliner

November 21, 2018

3,000 Year-old Eyeliner

Who doesn't love beauty blogs? Into the Gloss, Beauticate and The File are C.W. James favourites. It's fun and intimate to peek into cosmetics bags and be inspired by other people's beauty routines.

cosmetics on a table

📷 Beauticate 

Last year, I was watching 'Ancient Egypt: Life and Death in the Valley of Kings' hosted by Dr Joann Fletcher. It showed the contents of the best surviving non-royal tomb from Ancient Egypt. The tomb belonged to Kha, an Egyptian architect, and Merit, the mother and carer of their four children. They lived around 1,400 BC. Below is a picture of Merit's 3,000 year-old beauty box. It contains vessels made from alabaster, horn and glass. To the right of the box is a collection of combs.

The blue and yellow glass vessel contains Merit's black coal eyeliner. It was applied with a wooden applicator attached to the glass lid. To the left is her perfume bottle, which still smells of cinnamon and cedar wood - that is some serious longevity!


📷 Hans Ollermann 

It's touching to think of Merit rocking her smoky eye and woody scent over three-and-a-half-thousand years ago. And it's crazy to consider how our cosmetic rituals connect us with our ancient sisters.

Channel Merit's ancient world look with Byredo Super Cedar fragrance, Guerlain Liquid eyeliner and C.W. James Freya bracelet.



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