C.W. James Collection II is a sculptural interpretation of the natural forms and flora of the Otway Forest, drawing inspiration from the rockpools found at the bottom of waterfalls and the fungi and wildflowers that grow in the forest. 



1. Paloma earrings 2. Hopetoun Falls, Great Otway National Park. 3. Barbara Hepworth, Pierced Round Form, 1959 4. Rainbow earrings 5. Arp by Herbert Read 1968 6. Ilona Pearl earrings 7. Betty Feves ceramic artist 8. Rainbow fungi 9. Cumberland River, Great Otway National Park 10. Rock pools at the base of Hopetoun Falls 11. Odile earrings 12. Jean Arp, Human Concretion without Oval bowl 1933 13. Pebble earrings 14. Sundew pearl necklace