Solange bracelet | Lapis lazuli semi-precious stone

$99.00 AUD

The Solange slip-on bracelet features lapis lazuli semi-precious stones, a crystal pearl and custom-made C.W. James components inspired by scalloped shaped rainbow fungi. Lapis lazuli is said to inspire and nurture loyalty. We love it because of its deep, celestial blue colour, enhanced by gold pyrite flecks. Each Solange bracelet is assembled by hand in Anglesea and is available in two sizes.


- Slip-on stretch bracelet

- 1 cm Lapis Lazuli beads

- Crystal pearl

- Inner circumference: Small: 16.5cm Medium: 18cm

- Solid nickel-free brass plated beads with a clear anti-tarnish ceramic coating

- Assembled by hand in Anglesea, Australia